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Hey! Are you a CA then we have easy login to Income Tax Efiling site.

Every time you login, it remembers all the Login Details. Next time onwards just select a PAN from drop down, then it will auto-fill the PAN/password/DOB and also captcha.

Captcha will be filled in 7-10 seconds and each will cost 25 paisa.

Secondly on single click it will take you to Form 26AS page directly.

On session out/page logout automatically redirects to the Login page.

If you use dozens of logins daily then please use it to save your time.

Only Rs. 225/license. You get Rs. 10 of captcha free.

Captcha recharge Rs. 225(Optional)

Please contact us or directly call 097 59 2800 59

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Note: All data will be stored only in your browser and never taken out of your computer

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