Simple Door Stopper to keep your kid's fingers safe (home made)

I'm going to unveil a home made and 100% safe door stopper that'll safe guard your children and kid's fingers from getting into the door joints. Forgive me for my English - It's not my mother tongue.

This door stopper really saves child's fingers, wouldn't be a duty for every parent to spread the knowledge of this to all others? I did not have it when my daughter's finger was severely injured.

The problem with all door stoppers is that they can't save your kid hands from getting pressed into from both of the door joints - one is near the latch and the other is at the two hinges which hold the door.

In fact one of my elder daughter's finger was completely pressed by the door accidentally by her negligent nanny. Fortunately her finger has completely recovered now.

Recently (six months back) to safe guard my younger daughter who sometimes opens and closes the doors one nice design struck me, have a look:

Safe door stopper for kids I can think of!. Snapshot of my door stopper

Keep looking at it until you understand it. It's so simple! Just a small wooden log hanging from the door's upper hinge.

How it works

It keeps hanging straight in the edge and it'd not allow the door to close more than a half-way. Suppose you want to close it, just pull it by one hand and close the door by another hand. And as soon as you open the door it places itself straight down in the space. Kids below 5-6 years will not be able to grab it but children of 7-8 years will be able to close the door.

Even if your child uses her stool to shove it to a side, by the time she gets down to close the door - the stopper will be back into the position.

Ingredients required to make it.

  1. A wooden log/piece - not too thick, only that it should be firmly placed into the empty space of door joints and should not come out when closing the door. You can use even a small stick, small wood from a tree's branch. I in fact used a branch for one my door.
  2. A strong rope
  3. 2-3 small nails

Procedure to make it

Take one nail and drive it into at near the back of the door where this log will hang. Now take the rope and tightly wrap the wooden log. If you can't the drive a nail into the log and then bind the rope on to the nail and hang it below the top hinge and bind the other end of rope on the other nail behind the door.

The rope should be as long as possible without giving a chance for your child to be able to even touch it.

In times when you want to temporarily disable it when your kid is away, just drive a nail near the wooden hanging piece. Just push the log over it.

So isn't it a safest door stopper for kids?

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