How to get Post Box Number in India

So you want to receive letters anonymously or when your office/home is locked?

Here is the procedure to get Indian post's post box number:

  • Visit the GPO in your area along with your id and address proof and a white sheet.
  • Write an application in the name of Chief Post Master giving your justification for the need of having a post box number.
  • If your request is accepted someone from Postal dept. will visit your address to verify the authenticity.
  • Then you deposit Rs. 150 with Indian post for year's fees. You can get keys duplicated yourself or pay around Rs. 120 to Indian post for it.
  • You then visit anytime and collect the letters received in the box.

Facts about Post Box No

  • You can receive only ordinary post letters and nothing else.
  • It won't be accepted by private courier companies which require proof of delivery.

how to get Post Box number in India

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